Our Programs And Services

All programs are 30-50 minutes and are modular. The length varies depending on the age of the group. Program prices are based on a maximum of 30 students per presentation.

Featured Programs

Birds, Our Feathered Friends

What makes a bird a bird? How are beaks different? Why don't birds get wet? Migration game. Bird touching table.


Native American Life & Lore

"Rising Fish" tells what it was like to be a Native American during the 1700's. Includes artifacts, storytelling, singing and dancing.


Reptiles and Habitats

Reptile finger play, How are turtles, snakes, lizards and crocodiles the same or different Where do they live? Story:A Color of His Own. Reptile puppets and reptile touching table.


Apples and Johnny Appleseed

Apple Puppet Show. How an apple tree grows. What did Johnny Appleseed do and how did he look? Apple songs and activities.


Spiders: Weavers, Hunters and Trappers

Story: Be Nice to Spiders. How do spiders eat? Spiders and insects are different. Trapdoor Spider Game. Spider touching table.


Insects are Interesting

Study of insect body parts. Flannel-board story- The Very Hungy Caterpillar. Insect finger puppets. Insects as helpers puppet show and insect touching table.


Dinosaurs-Digging into the Past

Dinosaurs, what are they? Let's Walk Like The Dinosaurs- dance activity. Dinosaur puppet show and dinosaur touching table.


Under the Sea

What creatures live in the ocean? "I'm a Mammal You're a Mammmal" song. Puppet show and movement activities.


Body Mechanics

Investigate the human body, its basic functions and wellness. Emphasis is on heart, lung and brain. Puppetry, songs and active participation all stress importance of excercise and a balanced diet.


Recycling: Where Does Our Garbage Go?

Making the world a better place to live with "The 3 R's of Trash" puppet show. How things are recycled; classroom becomes a recycling factory and recycles old newpaper. Recycling song, game and story The Wartville Wizard.


Composting: Natures Recycling (Grades1-4)

What is compost? How and where do we compost? Compost skit and "diissecting". "Dirt Made My Lunch" song.


Our Solar System

The planets and our star, the sun. Moon puppet show. Big Bang Story. Pretend to be an astronaut



All programs must be paid for in advance or the day of the program. Schools in Hamilton County may be eligible to receive funding from the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Wast Distirct for the Compost and Recycling: Where Does Our Garbage Go? programs.

Cancellations are allowed. Please be considerate and give at least 48 hours notice so other schools can schedule.