About Us

Mission Statement: Mother's Nature 2 Inc.'s mission is to promote an awareness of nature in young children. We strive to teach respect for the Earth and all its inhabitants. By introducing environmental education at an early age, we hope to foster positive attitudes towards the natural world.

Our Business

Birds, Our Feathered Friends

Jean Ruff founded Mother's Nature in 1990 as an effective way to bring nature awareness to young children in an educational setting.

Jane Gonzales joined Mother's Nature Inc. in 2000. In 2006, she took over the company when Jean retired and renamed it Mother's Nature 2 Inc. Jane has a BS from the Ohio State University. As a mother of two, she realizes that even the youngest citizen can make a positive impact on their environment, Jane is particularly intersted in helping children become aware that nature is as close as their own backyard.

What Our Clients Say

"Your programs are great! It shows that you have an accurate knowldege of child development and put a lot of preparation, research, and time into your programs" -St. Ursula Villa

"At the end (of the program) my most active and wild little guy came running up to me yelling, 'Wasn't that great?'"-Montgomery Nursery School

"Thank you. The work and care you put into your program was evident. The children's response was enthusiastic and their comprehension was excellent"-Holy Cross Child Development Center

"You do such an excellent job with your presentations! We are so delighted to have learned about you."-Montessory Academy of Cincinnati